Who am I?


I'm a seeker of truth through the scientific method, working on a better future for all beings.

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What am I?

Studied Engineering Physics @ The Hague University for Applied Sciences. /B. Eng./
Currently working as Physics Research Assistent @ SRON.

Interested in decentralized digital sovereign money (e.g. bitcoin) as a stepping stone to a civilization of abundance where orwellian governments and corporately controlled fiat are obsolete.

Player of a 5-string Jazz Bass and Acoustic Guitar, tuned A E B F# C# (fifths like the cello). /Musician/

Where To Find Me?

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Fundamental Science for the 21st century:

Water, Electricity and Plasma phase (4th phase)


Liquid Crystaline H3O2, A fascinating discovery of the chemical structure of water at surfaces and interfaces by Dr. Gerald H. Pollack.


Evidence of Condensed matter in our Sun and the Stars, as (liquid) metalic hydrogen that behaves like hot carbon / graphene does on earth by Pierre-Marie Robitaille.


Electric nature of our Universe can explain many observed mysteries in recent Space missions, as reported by the Thunderbolts Project (with experimental investigation by the SAFIRE project).


Stand up for your rights and freedoms:


Vote against pathologically lying political leaders who fund war and steal wealth from the public.